We’re BeeCell, Creative Coworking Space for Sucsess

BeeCell is not only about the physical place, but about establishing the Coworking Community first. Meet a lot of entrepreneurs around you and gain a lot of experience.

We start with building a Coworking community first before considering opening a Coworking place.

Surrounded with a lot of Entrepreneurs and Freelancers, you make sure you are going to learn a lot of stuff, make new friends and network better.

At BeeCell, The Entrepreneurs Coworking Space, We ensure productivity, motives and energy!

Startups Offices - Professionals offices, only for growing startups

Unlike in a typical office environment, our offices are supplied with high quality desks, chairs, air conditioners and high speed internet.

Tailored For You

Pricing Plans

Although we deliver high quality and very professional services, we make sure that our prices are competitive and our clients get high value for less price.

Productivity Space

Enjoy BeeCell's Shared Space surrounded by creative freelancers, hard-workers and successful community.
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Training Rooms

Comfortable chairs, professional desks, beanbags, whiteboards, projectors and service desk all in one place.
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Private Offices

Focus on your Growth and enjoy our dedicated internet, professional desks, chairs, cozy rooms and pretty cool environment.
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Meeting Rooms

We build you the best professional image in front of your guests while taking care of everything you may need.
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“ Amazingly efficient team who would do anything to make us comfortable. If I were the owner , I would give them a hefty raise. They are the reason I have customer loyalty and feel at home. ”

Dollia Ali

Professional Teacher
What our Friends Say

BeeCell Community

Mustafa Abdelsabour

من الأماكن المحترمة جدا في التعامل، و في مرونة عالية جدا ما شاء الله.

شخصيا معاهم في الفرع الجديد بقالي سبع شهور أو اكتر و بصراحة المكان فيه كل التجهيزات اللي ممكن تحتاجها، غير أن أسعاره مناسبة جدا للغالبية

Mustafa Abdelsabour

Founder at Dr. English

مكان مريح ومناخ مناسب و هادئ للدراسة والشغل، التعامل راقي جدا
بالتوفيق وإلى الأمام دوما
و ان شاءالله تفضلوا عون للناس للوصول لأهدافهم

Al Shimaa Moawad

Assistant Lecturer
Creative Gerber

اداره محترمه ومكان يشرف اَي حد
بيسيل سبب نجاحي
تحياتي لحضراتكم

Creative Gerber

Fashion Designer
Community First

Meeting, Working or Studying Never been fun as at BeeCell

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